Welcome to Flora Malesiana: Orchids of the Philippines. Vol. I.

Illustrated Checklist and Genera

Maribel Agoo, André Schuiteman & Ed de Vogel

This website presents a richly illustrated overview of the orchid flora of the Philippines, with descriptions of all the genera (in the module called Higher Taxa) and a checklist of all the species.

The project consists of several modules, as can be seen by clicking on the Contents tab of this window.

- The Introduction contains two chapters, one appropriately called Introduction, the other, Identification, explaining the use of the identification tools on this website.

- The Glossary is a hyperlinked and amply illustrated list with definitions of more than 500 more or less technical terms. Not all of these are used in the texts on the current website, but they may be found in the literature cited in this website.

- The Literature module contains references to the most important written sources on Philippine orchids. Additional references to articles and books treating individual genera are given in the Higher Taxa module.

- The Higher Taxa module contains information on the 136 genera known to occur in the Philippines. For each genus there is a description with general notes, a list of synonyms, an indication of its taxonomic position, where relevant a list of references to revisions and monographs, and a collection of images selected to show the diversity of the group. Not all of these images are repeated in the Checklist module.

- The Checklist module contains 1106 entries, referring to 1037 species as well as a number of varieties, subspecies and so-called nomina nuda, i.e. names that were published without a description or illustration. We are aware that many of the varieties are of doubtful status, often they are based on individual colour forms. It would in many cases be better to treat them as cultivars and not to burden botanical literature with them.
A brief indication of (presumed) cultural requirements is given for the great majority of species.

- The Index lists all the taxa and their synonyms in the Higher Taxa (but not the Checklist) module, as an easy means of accessing information on a particular genus.

- The Text Key and the IdentifyIt module are two independent tools for identification of the genera. See the the chapter on identification in the Introduction module for an explanation.

There are many ways to access the information on this CD-ROM. Each module has a link to its contents, which is a list of all the pages in the module. The index module may be used to jump to genera and their synonyms in the Higher Taxa, while the Find function can locate any string of characters in any module. As an example, click on Find at the bottom of this window, in the Search in box select Search everywhere, in the Find what box type elmeri , and click on Find All .

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Flora Malesiana: Orchids of the Philippines. Vol. I.
Illustrated Checklist and Genera

Maribel Agoo, André Schuiteman & Ed de Vogel

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Original publication on CD-ROM in 2003

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