Genus Abdominea

Abdominea J.J.Sm.,
Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg sér. 2, 14 (1914) 52

Very small monopodial epiphytes. Stem very short. Leaves few, distichous, sheathing at the base, glabrous, deciduous, duplicate. Inflorescence lateral, a many-flowered pendulous raceme. Flowers very small, resupinate. Sepals free. Petals free, similar to the sepals, but incurved. Lip adnate to the column, spurred, at the base of the mid-lobe with an erect lamella, the spur inside without callosities. Rostellum with two very large lobes, which are narrow at the base, then abruptly widened, narrowing again to the apex. Column-foot absent. Pollinia 4, strongly unequal in size, arranged in two bodies, solid, caudicles absent, stipe present, viscidium present.

Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, Borneo, Philippines; 1 species [Abdominea minimiflora (Hook.f.) J.J.Sm.].

Distribution in the Philippines
Luzon (Nueva Vizcaya), Bohol, Mindanao (Bukidnon, Agusan, Cotabato).

Epiphyte in lowland and montane forest.

The only known species of this genus is a tiny plant with minute flowers, superficially like a Tuberolabium or Malleola in miniature. It is rarely cultivated.