Genus Chamaeanthus

Chamaeanthus Schltr.,
in J.J. Smith, Fl. Buitenz. 6 (1905) 552

Monopodial epiphytes. Stem short. Leaves few, distichous, sheathing at the base, glabrous, deciduous, duplicate. Inflorescence lateral, a many-flowered raceme. Flowers appearing in succession, a few at a time, small, ephemeral, resupinate. Sepals free, acuminate. Petals free, quite shorter than the lateral sepals. Lip not spurred, mobile. Column-foot well-developed. Pollinia 2, entire, solid, caudicles absent, stipe present, viscidium present.

Thailand, Java, Borneo, Philippines; 2 species.

Distribution in the Philippines
Luzon (Sorsogon), Polillo, Leyte, Mindanao (Agusan, Davao, Cotabato); 1 species [Chamaeanthus brachystachys Schltr.].

Epiphytes in lowland and hill forest.

Highly inconspicuous plants with small greenish flowers, recognised by the narrow sepals and the mobile, unspurred lip. Very rare in cultivation.