Genus Lecanorchis

Lecanorchis Blume,
Mus. Bot. Lugd. Bat. 2 (1856) 188

Leafless sympodial terrestrial plants, lacking chlorophyll, with short erect underground rhizomes. Inflorescence a raceme or a panicle, wiry, blackish. Flowers at the base with a collar-like structure, medium-sized, resupinate, brownish or violet outside, often whitish inside. Sepals free. Petals free, similar to the dorsal sepal. Lip without spur, not mobile, apex hairy. Column-foot absent. Pollinia 2, sectile; caudicles, stipe, and viscidium absent.

Tropical East Asia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea; about 20 species.

Distribution in the Philippines
Luzon (Laguna, Sorsogon), Leyte, Mindanao (Agusan); 1 species [Lecanorchis. javanica Blume].

Terrestrial in lowland forest.

A very distinctive genus because of the collar-like structure at the base of the flower, a unique character among the leafless orchids.