Genus Pseudovanilla

Pseudovanilla Garay,
Bot. Mus. Leafl. 30 (1986) 234

Monopodial terrestrial plants. Stem elongated, climbing, yellow or red-brown. Leaves absent, but inflorescence with leaf-like bracts. Inflorescence a panicle. Flowers medium-sized, resupinate, glabrous, yellowish, lip with pink and red markings. Sepals free. Petals somewhat narrower than the sepals. Lip without spur, not mobile. Column-foot absent. Pollinia 2, mealy, caudicles, stipe, and viscidium absent. Bracts at base of branches leaf-like. Rachis and flowers glabrous.

Malesia, Australia, Ponape, east to Fiji; about 8 species.

Distribution in the Philippines
Davao, Sorsogon. One species [Pseudovanilla philippinensis (Ames) Garay].

Climber in hill forest.

A large leafless climber with brownish or yellowish stems, much like Galeola and Erythrorchis, but with conspicuous leaf-like bracts.